Martina Clason

Martina in Costa Rica

Martina Clason was born in Sweden and is a graduate of the Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm. She lived in Rio de Janeiro and Singapore as a young married woman in the early 1960’s, a period that sparked a creative expression through painting that has followed her throughout the years. After her divorce in 1968 she moved with her two children to London and launched her own fashion business, fuelled by the freedom and creativity of the ‘Swinging SIxties’ movement.

In 1986 Martina decided to dedicate her time fully to her art and moved to Tuscany, Italy where she built a house overlooking the rolling hills of Maremma. This change in lifestyle, surrounded by countryside, olive trees and her beloved animals, inspired a productive period with many large and vibrant paintings. Over the following years she travelled extensively in the Far East and Africa, sketching and painting at every opportunity and her love of colours and events is directly attributed to these voyages, which resulted in several acclaimed one-woman shows.

In 1998 her restless and adventurous spirit took her to Costa Rica. This new tropical environment of luscious greenery, sun and surf was channelled into new works, produced in her studio overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Today Martina lives and works between her homes in Corsica and Morocco where she continues to paint and draw. Her great love of travelling and immersing herself in new places and experiences is a constant source of inspiration that informs her art. Wherever she has chosen to make her home, the surrounding landscape, wildlife and light have expressed themselves in colourful, energetic works with a poetic and dreamlike quality.